Music Recording and Production

My home-based studio is ideal for production (songwriting and developing song ideas), acoustic guitars, overdub recording, MIDI and vocal recording. There are several great tracking rooms nearby I can book for drum recording.

Mobile recording is also available.

Mixing and Mastering

My acoustically treated home studio is great for mixing. My compact system allows me to work fast and efficiently.

Do you have a project you need mixed and mastered? I can do that. I can make it sound great!

Audio Editing

Performance tightening and pitch correction have become essential steps in modern record making. It's a time consuming process that takes skill, experience and a good ear.

I have years of experience doing this sort of editing for clients all over the world.

About Me

Hi I'm Jon. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
Audio is my life, I love it. It's just about all I think about. It's an obsession, I am an audio geek.

In 2006 I graduated from the Audio Engineering & Music Production course at MetalWorks Institute, one of the top recording schools in Canada. I then started AudioGeekZine, a website to share various articles, tips and tutorials with other audio geeks. In 2008 I began co-hosting The Home Recording Show, a popular weekly podcast for home recording enthusiasts.

In 2010 I packed up my family and studio and moved to Vancouver, BC. Currently in Nanaimo, BC.

I'm always looking for bands and artists worldwide to work with and make some great music together.
I'm available for recording, editing, mixing and mastering work locally and online. I also offer 1 on 1 lessons and studio consulting.

Contact me for scheduling and for more information.

Clients and Discography

Encoded - TBA [2017] Album (England) EDITING
E.J. Hayes [2017](USA) EDITING
Gvrlls [2017](Australia) EDITING
The Bodies - Slow Fire [2017] Album (USA)MIXING
Misery Signals/Mathew Mixon - Yesterday Was Everything [2017] Film (USA) AUDIO EDIT/MIXING
Deserted Fear - Dead Shores Rising [2017] Album (Germany) EDITING
Wade Morissette - Raindrops [2017] Album (Canada) MASTERING
Four Star Fate - Hold Steady [2016] Album (USA) EDITING
Moraines - TBA [2016] Album (Croatia) EDITING
Electric Blue Waves - Human Error [2016] Album (USA) EDITING
Vixy & Tony - We Are Who We Are [2016] Album (USA) EDITING
Adam Davis - Conference Call [2016] Film (USA) POST PRODUCTION/MIXING
Gas Covered Planet - Various [2016] Various projects (Canada) PRODUCTION/MIXING
Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits - Biscuits & Gravity [2015] Album (USA) MASTERING
Adam Lakes - Various [2014] Album (USA) EDITING
Rana Singh - Start it [2014] Single MIXING/MASTERING
Darren Eedens - Of My Word [2014] Album (Canada) MASTERING
Luke Wallace - Live Demo [2014] EP (Canada) RECORDING/MIXING/MASTERING
Caleb Hawkins - Wood and Wire [2014] Album (USA) MASTERING
Live Through This - Curse Your Name [2014] Single (USA) MIXING/MASTERING
Mark Harvey - EP [2013] (USA) MASTERING
Brent Jamison - Too Much Everything Single [2013] (USA) MASTERING
Ben Krum - EP [2013] (USA) MASTERING
Glass Wands - S/T Album [2013] (USA) MASTERING
Luke Wallace - From The Ground Up EP [2013] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
Farewell Gusto - The Scenic Route EP [2013] (USA) MASTERING
Her Alibi - [2013] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
The Empire Shall Fall - Volume 2 [2013] (USA) EDITING
All Hands Lost - Illusions Of Control Album [2013] (USA) MIXING/MASTERING
Car 87 / Kroovy Rookers - Split EP [2013] (Canada) VOCAL RECORDING/MIXING/MASTERING
Crash Cadet - [2013] (USA) MIXING/MASTERING
Live Trough This - OK, Sea [2013] Album (USA) MASTERING
David Ellis - The Boy Who Cried Wolf [2013] Album (UK) MASTERING
Several [2013] (Brazil) EDITING
Knifedogs - Knifedogs / Streetlight saints Split EP [2013] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
Spencer Jo Magento [2013] (Canada) MASTERING
Mickey Matta [2013] (USA) MIXING/MASTERING
JT & The Blue Mountain Stone - Let's Say You Knew [2013] Album (USA) MASTERING
Kidah Music House [2013] Various (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
JJ Gerber [2013] (Canada) MASTERING
Joe Gagan [2013] Various (Canada) RECORDING/MIXING
Lost Twenty [2013] (England) EDITING
Streetlight Saints - Knifedogs / Streetlight saints Split EP [2013] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
All The Wise [2013] (Australia) MIXING
Sworn To Silence - Symmetry [2013] Album (USA) MASTERING
LBians [2013] (USA) EDITING
River Valley Search Party - S/T [2013] Album (Canada) MASTERING
John Masecar [2012] (Canada) MASTERING
Earthbound George - Earthbound George [2012] EP (Canada) MASTERING
Lucid [2012] (USA) MIXING
Six Pound Sledge - Selective Persecution[2012] Album (USA) MASTERING
David Ellis [2012] (USA) EDITING
Sisaret [2012] (USA) EDITING
Paul Hookham [2012] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
The Muted Pitch [2012] (Canada) MIXING
Bryan Southern - The Lonely [2012] Album (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
Free The Bunch - Money Don't Grow On Trees [2012] Demo (Canada) MIXING
Bloodaxe - For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down [2012] Album (Canada) MASTERING
Self Control - Fight [2012] Single (Germany) MIXING
Troubleshot - Rudy (and Her Dirty Hatchet) [2012] Single (Canada) MASTERING
Shane Douglas [2012] (Canada) PRODUCTION/MIXING
Jason Welwood [2012] (Canada) MIXING
Orbe - Esencia [2012] EP (Peru) MIXING
40 bends [2012] (Australia) EDITING
Analecta - Janus Bifrons [2011] EP (Canada) EDITING
The Darrens - Demo [2011] (Canada) RECORDING/MIXING
Baquerels - Varmints On The Run [2011] EP (Germany) EDITING
Matier [2011] (France) EDITING
Headwinds Motion Picture Co [2011] (Canada) RECORDING
Darren Eedens - Cardboard Caribous and Artificial Trees [2011] Album (Canada) MASTERING
Hemina - Synthetic [2011] Album (Australia) EDITING
The Empire Shall Fall - Volume I: Solar Plexus [2011] EP (USA) EDITING
Kwantlen Polytechnic University [2011] (Canada) MIXING/MASTERING
Off The Rails - Demo [2011] (Canada) MIXING
Flush - Sueno [2011] Demo (Mexico) MIXING
Sankara Warriors [2010] (Italy) EDITING
Hemmit [2010] (USA) EDITING
Cardinal Chase - Side Of The Road [2010] Single (Canada) PRODUCTION/MIXING
Cardinal Chase - Fly [2010] Single (Canada) RECORDING/MIXING
The Empire Shall Fall - Arcarsenal[2010] Single (USA) EDITING
Ania Ziemirska - I Was The Girl [2010] EP (Canada) MIXING
The Empire Shall Fall - Awaken [2009] Album (USA) EDITING
Furlong [2009] (USA) EDITING
Jordan Hirsh - Various [2009] (USA) EDITING
VogelJoy - We Have A Band [2009] Album (Canada) MIXING
Ania Ziemirska - Acoustic Roots Sampler[2009] Single (Canada) MIXING
Lipona - Pigeonholed[2009] EP (USA) EDITING
Spectre Sound [2009] (Canada) EDITING
Jay Scar - Burst [2008] Album (Canada) PRODUCTION/MIXING


I hate you. I hate you so very much. Are you from another planet or some something because what the fuck, that was pants-shitting incredible! You’ve got some sick talent my friend. I can’t get over how great that sounds. I honestly can’t think of a thing I’d want to change. If I ever come to Vancouver, well dammit I owe you a beer!
Well done sir!
-Jason Welwood, Free The Bunch

Working with Jon was awesome, our track came out perfectly even with our limited budget. He has encyclopedic knowledge of audio engineering and its techniques. He's very detail-oriented and strives for perfection whether it be a flawless drum track or a vocal track in absolute pitch; Hes got the chops to make it happen.
-Riley Bell, Cardinal Chase

It was a pleasure to have Jon mix my debut EP. He was very professional, reliable and dedicated to the project. A great listener, willing to take artist input, but also able to explain why things worked better his way. Jon delivered a quality project on time and is definitely someone I'd recommend.
Ania Ziemirska

Working with Jon is a real treat. His own musicianship added an element to the editing and mixing of our album that we found invaluable as new artists. I was concerned that I would have a hard time finding an audio technician that could really "feel" our genre - children's and family music with a 1930's - 1960's jazz flavour. Jon "got it" bang on, and it was immediately evident that he knows his stuff, and he masterfully edited and mixed my raw material into something that I couldn't have imagined possible. In hindsight, I am also very impressed that he was able to help me take some of the "emotion" out of editing decisions - something invaluable to new artists with their first album! His ability and willingness to take our ideas and weave in his own suggestions made every part of working with him a delight. Jon's incredible knowledge of the hardware and software also made what I though would be a long, expensive project into a very efficient and cost-effective one - he is FAST! Jon is a real professional, and we'll definitely work with him again on our future projects. We've had nothing but rave reviews for his work on our first album.
-Terry Neudorf, vogelJoy

I have nothing but great things to say about Jon. As a drummer, I had the pleasure of working with him directly on two different occasions. These were my first experiences with having my drum tracks quantized and I was concerned that they would end up sounding mechanical and robotic. Jon was able to keep the drums sounding very natural and organic, and I couldn't have been more pleased with his work. He was super easy to work with, quick to get things back to me, and just very attentive overall. I really look forward to working with him again on future projects.
-Jeff Pitts, The Empire Shall Fall

My experience with Jon as our audio editor and beat / drum optimization has been one of the best collaborative experiences I've had in the last 15 years. He is extremely intelligent, time-line sensitive, efficient and always ahead of the curve with delivery. I have yet to see anyone in this space that can match or even surpass his skill set and tools he brings to the workspace. The ability to have confidence in handing over our time sensitive and complex projects to Jon has been critical with us delivering top notch artist performances day in and day out. He is our main and only choice if we continuously want to challenge ourselves as composers and producers to meet our ever changing clients scope of work.
-Jordan Hirsch


Service Rates

Hourly rate for editing and recording - $50

Day rate for local artists - $300

Online Mixing flat rate - $200/song

Mastering - $65/song - 20% discount for projects with 5 or more songs.

Drum editing - $75/song

Lessons - $50/hr, online or on-site.

Everything else, just ask.



To contact me about your project:
email or call 778.867.2814

Last Updated: Feb 21 2021

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